Can I get your beer in my Bar/Liquor Store??

The answer is finally YES!!!!  Interested in carrying our products? Check out this link:

Do you ship your beer?

We do not. Unfortunately it is illegal for us to do so in the state of MN.  Fingers crossed that will change in the future!

Can I get a keg of Dangerous Man Beer for my event, party, or kegerator?

Yes you can! You can purchase our kegs from several liquor stores within our delivery zone!  While we cannot sell a keg directly to an individual we can work with the liquor store nearest to you (within our current delivery areas) or the venue/catering company to get you a keg!  We can help get you set up with the right store and people to get you a keg/kegs for your event, please fill out this form and we will be in contact: I’m interested in getting DM Kegs Form!

Liquor stores where you can currently order kegs from:

  • Excelsior Vintage

  • Zipps Liquor

  • Lowry Hill Liquors

  • Maple Lake Wine and Spirits

  • France 44

  • Stinson Wine Beer and Spirits

  • Liquor Barrel St Paul

  • Vintage Chanhassen

  • Hanover Wine and Spirits

  • Dabbler Depot

  • MGM Eagan

  • Lakeside Wine & Spirits

  • Lake Liquors

Do you sell merch?

Yes you can currently shop at our online store HERE.  We will also be doing pop-ups here and there so keep your eyes out on our website and social media.

Can I rent your space?

No, as we currently do not have a physical taproom.

I want to tour your brewery please!

We’re not currently offering brewery tours to the public. Keep your eyes peeled as we plan to start doing brewery tours out at our new Production Facility in Maple Lake come summer/fall.

I’m looking for a beer/merch donation for a fundraiser, or am interested in collaborating to raise money for a good cause. Who do I talk to?

We’ve got details about our giving and volunteer program over on our community page. Start there!


Looking for information about the Next Evolution of Dangerous Man and what the future holds?

We have lots of information about our current state, our Beer Garden, and our Crowdfunding Campaign! Links below to find out more:


• DM: The Next Evolution Crowdfunding Campaign –

• THE STATE OF DM: FAQs and Crowdfunding Update –