We are excited to announce the next evolution of Dangerous Man, an innovative beer garden on 2 acres of land, complete with a unique modified shipping container. To clarify – this is not a taproom in the traditional sense. There is no indoor seating. This is a modified shipping container and beer garden that will be open seasonally on select days of the month. 

We specifically choose a shipping container as it will contain a large walk-in keg cooler, offer a variety of beers on tap, 3 service bars, and a unique experience encompassing the funky style and branding of Dangerous Man while incorporating elements like industrial accents, rustic finishes, and bold graphics. It’s a quick, unique,  and affordable way for us to create a new space for folks to enjoy our beer directly from us, boosting our revenue and paving the way for future growth and exciting adventures. This beer garden will be a family friendly, dog friendly, outdoor space for fun, relaxation, games, events, music, food trucks, markets, and more.

Under our current distribution-only license, we are granted four event permits annually, encompassing both on-site events at the production facility and off-site events where we would hold the liquor license. This is very limiting and these permits go quickly. Comparatively, a standard taproom license can hold any event within their licensed taproom and additionally receives twelve offsite permits annually.

The proposed beer garden presents an opportunity to obtain a distinct license, affording us the capability to host a greater number of gatherings and events. This alternative licensing arrangement would significantly enhance our capacity to engage with our community and expand our event offerings.

The shipping container and beer garden concept for Dangerous Man Brewing offers a dynamic way for the community to enjoy the beverages being crafted in the current production space. Our Beer Garden is poised to become a beloved destination for beer aficionados and locals alike. So, join us as we raise a glass to innovation, community, and the boundless possibilities of craft beer in the great outdoors. Cheers to the next chapter of Dangerous Man Brewing – adventure awaits!

To learn more about our future and path to making our Beer Garden a reality check out our Crowdfunding Campaign: Dangerous Man: The Next Evolution